Evening Yoga Flow

Nourishing your body, mind and soul

We will be taking space and time to explore our bodies in the Asanas (poses) working towards enhancing our strength, flexibility, balance. We encourage you to let go and surrender, as opposed to other Yoga classes where we are constantly pushing ourselves. Yin Yoga approach is highly beneficial to connective tissues, and brings a strong regeneration to all cells.

Yoga classes take place on our scenic roof top Yoga Hall when weather permits, which offers beautiful views of the surrounding Mallorcan countryside. We also have a beautiful indoor Yoga Shala. Just as the Rishis did in India in the days of past, we practice in an environment loaded with Prana, silence and immersed in nature. If your Yoga practice has taken place only in the western world, then most probably you’ve never had the chance to experience this natural element. Such an environment can literally take your practice to the next level,

We believe that Yoga is not something limited to what happens on the Yoga mat during a class, rather a real art of living, and here, we strive to “Be Yoga”

Our goal is to give every student individualized attention and in our world this means that you will never go through the ordeal of an overcrowded Yoga class, or having an instructor that can barely make any individual adjustments because of student numbers.


One-to-one classes

You may enjoy a personalized sequence designed especially for you, taking into account your specific needs and requirements, using selected Asanas that will benefit you most.

You may choose the day and time, (subject to availability), maximizing the privilege of having a dedicated Yogini at your exclusive service.


One to one classes


4 classes (1 month)


8 classes (1 month)


Drop in class