Nourishing your body, mind and soul

The general use and over use of the word detox can be confusing and make it difficult for people to know exactly what they can expect from a ‘detox’ holiday. By true definition, detox is a metabolic process through which toxins are reduced and removed by the body.  It involves a deliberate metabolic push to get toxins mobilised and eliminated. It might be mildly detoxifying depending how healthy or unhealthy your lifestyle was before, but a true detox sets out to cause detoxification as its aim and even the healthiest of people will get a deep and changing experience.

You will rapidly perceive physical changes, like weight loss, brighter eyes, a softer and more radiant skin etc, but greatest benefits are not physical: the eliminative pressure of detox also will allow you to find a deep place within yourself, and huge emotional and mental shifts can be made, of course well supported on all levels, as it is the case at Kairos.



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