Juice Feast

Nourishing your body, mind and soul

It can be a less demanding option than a water fast, due to the fact that ingesting 2/3 liters of green smoothies and juices, with very high amounts of nutrients and fiber, makes it totally imposible to feel any hunger pangs. He difference between juices and smoothies is precisely that the latter keeps all its fibers and thereby is more filling.

I personally like to alternate between both, and have personally been through the experience of several prolonged Juice feasts (30, 40 and 50 days), which gave me the possibility to experiment first hand its benefits as well as the challenges it might entail. I was so enthusiastic as to the changes it brought in my life, that I decided to study more in detail the whole process through a Certified Juice Guru course. It will be my pleasure to teach you how to prepare those delicious and nourishing drinks as well as to explain how to very easily integrate them in your daily life without major efforts. this can literaly be a life changing pratice.