Nourishing your body, mind and soul

In our present world of excesses, the concept of  “depriving” oneself from something is diametrically opposed to the idea of “filling” oneself. We are programmed to accumulate goods and things, and “less” of anything feels like scarcity, as if we are punishing ourselves ,and this concept also applies to food. However, mankind, amongst other animals, has fasted since the beginning of time. Fasting  has proved to be a solid cure for all kinds of diseases.

Not only will you be in the ideal environement to perform a fast, but as Mango always loves to accompany guests in their fast, you will receive all the necessary support and share this energy/presence of a real professional.

The reality is that an increasing number of persons incessantly gulp down foods that are not necessary for their bodies and may in fact be harmful. We are basically doing this to compensate for many lacks in other parts of our lives, mainly emotional ones.

Fasting means respecting and loving our bodies to the point of offering ourselves a rest that will yield huge benefits to all our internal organs and systems. Of all our internal bodily processes, digestion consumes an extraordinary amount of energy. Where our bodies no longer need to use strength to digest food, the energy saved can be used on building new cells, repairing damaged tissues, and generally focusing on the regeneration of its naturally healthy state.


After a fast, no matter how brief it is, we feel more energetic, we sleep better and even can become more tolerant of our surroundings. There are many different types of fasts to follow. At Kairos, we will guide you through water fasts of up to 5 days according to your needs and availability. Your routine will include a 90 min daily Yin Yoga class to facilitate a deep fascia relaxing and aid in the elimination of toxins as well as an evening guided meditation.

Contact us to find out about prices as those may vary according number of days and guests.