Yogini Mango

Nourishing your body, mind and soul

My life passes between Asia, where I continue to expand knowledge, and Mallorca that has become my home.

Through classes, workshops and all kinds of events I disseminate knowledge about Yogic Practice and about a diet that makes us evolve and grow both physically and spiritually. Food and Yoga are completely inseparable as many Ayurvedic and Yogic classical texts emphasize.

  • Yoga Instructor

    Yoga instructor at Palma's Penitentiary Center from 2020 to 2022

    Yoga training
    from 2020
  • Over 100 days in silent meditation retreat

    Over 100 days in silent meditation retreat (Mouna) & 10+ days in solitary dark retreat ( Kho Pha NganThailand)

    Yoga training
  • Anapanasati Retreat Wat Pha Lat Chiang Mai


    Yoga training
    June 2019
  • Agama Yoga School Hatha Yoga Program

    (550 hours) & first 2 levels of Kundalini

    Yoga training
    June 2008 to March 2017
  • Workshop “Learn to prepare your own Miso”

    with Chef Kimiko Yoshida - Thailand

    February 2017
  • Plant based Culinary Course Certification

    Rouxbe Cooking School

    January 2016
  • Residente Yogini

    Residente Yogini since 2016 at Pleta de Mar & Can Siomneta Grand Luxe hotels

    Yoga training
    Since 2016
  • Anatomy and Alignment for Yoga Teachers Workshop

    With Oren Dotan Osteopath Koh P N Thailand

    Yoga training
    11/15 January 15
  • Permaculture Design Certification Course

    At Panya Project Thailand

    January 2015
  • Juice Guru Coach

    Program Certification

    March 2014
  • 3 Juice Feasts (Zumi Festín)

    Of 30, 40 and 50 days Thailand

  • Frederic Patenaude Green Cleanse

    Frederic Patenaude Green Cleanse 

    March 2013
  • Annual 10 days Silence (Mouna) Retreats & intensive Yogic practice

    Annual 10 days  Silence (Mouna) Retreats & intensive Yogic practice. Agama Yoga Thailand

    Yoga training
    December 2012/13/14
  • Workshops

    Art of Dying, Sahasrara the Crown Çakra, Tantra I & II Workshops. Agama Yoga Thailand

    Yoga training
  • Yogic practice at Wild Rose Studio

    Chiang Mai Thailand

    Yoga training
  • Longevity Now Program David Wolfe

    Longevity Now Program David Wolfe

    January 2011
  • Kevin Gianni The Perfect Digestion plan Course

    Kevin Gianni The Perfect Digestion plan Course

    February 2010
  • Link with your body

    Hatha Yoga workshop Krishnamacharya Mandiram Chennai India

    Yoga training
    February 2009
  • Victoria Boutenko Green For Life Workshop

    Pukhet/Thailandia www.rawfamily.com

    February 2008
  • Student of Paris Ashtanga

    Mysore practice and clases) Paris France

    Yoga training
    Since 2008
  • International School of Yoga Studies

    (Iyengar Yoga) - Rishikesh India

    Yoga training
  • Sprouting and Food Fermentation


    since 2004
  • Teacher Training Course

    Escuela Internacional Mayte Criado, Madrid Spain

    Yoga training
  • Workshops and Yogic practice at Osho Multiversity

    Poona India

    Yoga training
    February/March/April 1995