Tantric Couple

Nourishing your body, mind and soul

Couples in relationships grow and change dynamically: Yet we are rarely explicitely taught how to nurture and cultivate a connected and harmonious relationship. Sometimes we need a safe space to learn how to achieve this, away from our children and work, we can reactivate and learn to  maintain the flame in a safe, supportive environment.

Tantric Yoga addresses sexuality as an intrinsic part of life and channel of communication. We combine practical and theoretical elements that will enable you learn to perceive and direct energies to evolve as an individual, grow as a couple.  We will provide you with tools to explore the intricacies of relationships and create a solid foundation, if you truly choose to do so, from your heart.


3 days/2 nightsMay/June/July/August/Sept/Easter




4 days/3 nightsMay/June/July/August/Sept/Easter




The pack includes private room for each of you/shared bathroom meals/drinks and a complete Tantric Yoga program.

Airport transfer and massages can be offered on demand ( not included).

You may also enjoy our hospitality on a B&B basis before or after your Retreat.