Nourishing your body, mind and soul

The true meaning of “Retreat” is a retreat from your usual self, from your usual emotionally/mentally constructed self. It can not happen on the very surface of life, or when you are surrounded by other participants as everyone will, inevitably , play the social role that defines us. This is what made us create this concept of Private Retreats.

At Kairos, we focus exclusively on YOUR needs and circumstances, something quite impossible for retreats with a relatively large number of participants.

We consider each being has specific needs that can only be answered by providing highly personalized attention. In line with that spirit, we also offer you the option to enjoy it accompanied by your partner or one or two friends, creating your minigroup (maximum 3 people)

The duration may vary from one to five days. Our Retreats have no start dates, so you can begin on any day that suits you best.

All Retreats include a 30 min meditation and a 90 min Yoga class daily.

We also include some advanced yogic practice (Nauli Kriya /Pranayamas/Shanka Prachalana, etc.) or a lecture about Yoga Philosophy, Pranayama, Tantra, Çakras, according to your experience and interest ..

If you rent a car at the airport upon arrival, you can explore the island in the afternoon, enjoy its magnificent beaches and mountains. We also offer an airport transfer service if you prefer to spend all of those days with us, concentrating and assimilating everything you learn.

When a retreat is celebrated, the Center is closed to other activities, which means you will enjoy our space with total exclusivity.

The packages we offer cover the entire stay: accomodation, food, teas, classes and talks throughout the day. It is important to communicate any food intolerance or preference so that the menus are adapted accordingly. In the case of Retreats of 4 days or more, we invite you to choose between an afternoon at the beach, where we can practice meditation or Pranayama, or alternatively a massage at Kairos.

Mango is present 24 hours a day to offer support for your physical and emotional comfort, as well as to answer any questions about your yogic practice and nutrition. The Kairos experience is all about you.

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